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Here are some pictures of my ants.  Once I get better with my camera I will put better pictures up, but for now here are a few pictures which you can click on to get bigger versions.

More to follow soon.

KK, first things first; what camera and lens am I using?

I currently own the following:

Sony SLT-A58 Digital Camera

Sony Alpha 100mm F2.8 Macro lens

They are pretty good for their price range and a good steeping stone to the more profressional cameras and lesnes.

Advice: When taking photographs of ants with a macro lens, you’re probably better off trying to use manual focus rather than automatic focus, though it’s down to individual preferences in the end.  I just find auto-focus a little slow at tomes and it tends to focus on what it wants rather than what you want.  I tend to use manual focus and move the whole camera in and out of range.

Lasius umbratus

lu3.jpg lu4.jpg lu5.jpg Lu6.jpg Lu7.jpg Lu240814_4.jpg Lu240814_5a.jpg Lu240814_6.jpg Lu270814_2.jpg Lu290814_2.jpg Lu290814_3.jpg

Lasius niger

ln1.jpg Ln270814_4.jpg Ln270814_4.jpg lu2.jpg Ln240814_1.jpg Ln280814_1.jpg ln2.jpg Ln3.jpg lu1.jpg Previous Page