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Here I will put stuff about ants that doesn’t really belong on any of the other pages.

When I was a bin lid way back in 1978 there was a mini series in a relatively new magazine (2000 AD) called “ANT WARS”.  It ran for about 15 weeks I think and was about a colony of ants in the Amazonian jungle that was attacked using untested chemical agents by the Brazilian Army.  A few months later when back in the same area, a company of soldiers saw what appeared to be new mountains.  One soldier exclaimed, They look like giant ant hills!  And indeed he was right.  The soldiers were attacked by a giant ant which they managed to kill, but doing so they released a huge army of giant ants that were out to declare war on man.

2000adextreme4a.JPG 2000adextreme4.jpg antwars2.JPG