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Here I will put links to sites that I find interesting, which may not necessarily be about ants.

Whether you are a beginner or well experienced, whether you want to receive advice or give advice about ants, wherever you are in the world, please do come and see us on the World of Myrmecology forum.

Just click on the banner above to visit the forum.

This site has nothing to do with ants, but I enjoy it.

I don’t have a banner for this YouTube Channel, but I really enjoy watching them.  The YouTuber is a youngster from Australia and I loved this little video he made about finding a dead bee in his garden.

He also keeps ants

Looking to buy ants and ant-related stuff ?

Ants H.Q. strives to sells affordable live worker ants to the UK and EU. Perfect as a live food source or to keep as pets in your ant farm! We greatly believe everyone and anyone will learn greatly from these little creatures, from learning how they communicate with each other to observing how tenaciously they work to build complex tunnels and chambers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!

What I like about this site is that if you are considering keeping ants for the first time, or you are a parent with a young child who wants to keep ants as pets, yet you’re not sure you want a colony with a queen in it (and thereby laying eggs and producing more ants), then you can get a small amount of worker ants from this site which will allow you a short time of ant keeping without the worry of being over run by them.  The workers will die out in 6-12 months and after that, if you wish to progress onto a queened colony, then you can obtain one from AntsUK or Antstore (see the Where To Get Ants Page).