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You can  email me your ant related questions, tell me about your ants, or just chat to me about ants.

I will endeavor to reply to your emails as quickly as I can, generally within a few hours to 24 hours at the most, though sometimes things might delay my reply, so please be patient.

If you ask me any questions that I am unable to answer I will endeavour to find out the answer for you; I have a friend who knows a lot about ants from a scientific approach.  He’s much more clever than me! >.<

To email me simply click on the email icon below. You’ll notice that the subject of the email will default to “A Question About Ants”; I recommend you do not change this in order to avoid your email going into my spam folder.

You can also email me to tell me about your ant colonies if you wish.  I am always interested in hearing about other people’s ants.

Oh, one thing:  I won’t tell you how to kill ants or their nests, so please don’t ask.  Sorry.

If it doesn’t work for you then you can email me on myrm@antnest.co.uk

Thank you.

Mail: myrm@antnest.co.uk?subject=A Question About Ants&body=To help prevent your email from ending up in my spam folder, I recommend you do not change the name of the subject field that has automatically been completed for you.  You can delete this body text if you wish.