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Here are a few sites from which you can buy ants and ant stuff, such as ant farms. Please do give me feed back, either postive or negative, on the sites I advertise in order for me to continually assess their suitability and validity.  Reports of dead links are also gratefully recieved.Thank you.


AntsUK is another UK based ant shop which sells a small selection of ants.  I have used them before and have never had any problems.  They also sell ant equipment.

Antstore is a Germany based ant shop that sells a large variety of ants from all over the world.  Good service but shipping charges are high.  They also sell ant farms and other ant keeping equipment.

Ants H.Q. strives to sells affordable live worker ants to the UK and EU. Perfect as a live food source or to keep as pets in your ant farm! We greatly believe everyone and anyone will learn greatly from these little creatures, from learning how they communicate with each other to observing how tenaciously they work to build complex tunnels and chambers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!

What I like about this site is that if you are considering keeping ants for the first time, or you are a parent with a young child who wants to keep ants as pets, yet you’re not sure you want a colony with a queen in it (and thereby laying eggs and producing more ants), then you can get a small amount of worker ants from this site which will allow you a short time of ant keeping without the worry of being over run by them.  The workers will die out in 6-12 months and after that, if you wish to progress onto a queened colony, then you can obtain one from AntsUK or Antstore (see the ads below).